for the avid DIY Mechanic and Researcher

 A major resource available to diesel buffs are the numerous online forums, whether if be Ford, Chevy or Dodge there is a large selection to choose from, some are mixed containing information on Powerstroke, Duramax and Cummins, others are dedicated to one specific brand.

Forums are a great place to learn the 'in's and out's' of your vehicle, if you have a question on how to do something on your truck, chances are someone else has asked the same question in one of the forums, with a bit of patience and practice you can search the older posts and normally find what you are looking for, if not, start a new thread, the people on these forums are there to help and many have of them have a wealth of experience to offer, everything from the best tire prices to how to change your headlight, Injection pump installs to turbo upgrades , it is all here.

Below are just a few of the online forums available, all are free to read the threads and topics but you need to register with them before you can post questions or answers, registration on all but the biggest ones is free.

There are many more but these are our favorites.


Competition Diesel

Cummins, Power Stroke, Duramax and all other Performance Diesel -

One of the most comprehensive Diesel Forums for Sled Pullers, Drag Racer and the enthusiast wanting information on rules and event schedules. Whether it be Ford, Dodge, GM or any other performance Diesel this is the site for you.

Diesel Garage

Ford Power Stroke, Dodge Cummins and GM Duramax -

Diesel Garage is a fairly new Forum but has some great content, they cover Ford, Dodge and GM from the early 1990's to current, Membership is Free

Cummins Forum

As the names states, a great forum for Cummins Owners and Enthusiasts. -

A wealth of knowledge from everyday driving issues to maxed out performance.

Diesel Stop

Ford Powerstroke Specific -

Diesel Stop is most likely the largest Ford Specific Diesel forum, more information on this site than you could ever read, content is excellent and membership is free.

Diesel Truck Resource

Dodge Cummins Specific -

DTR (not to be confused with TDR) has been going for quite some time now, great membership base and really good content, most members on TDR are also prominent on TDR, membership is free.

Turbo Diesel Resister (TDR)

Dodge Cummins Specific -

Undoubtedly the largest Dodge Forum currently online with over 20,000 paid members. Good Content, Moderated, Free to Browse, Annual Fee to Participate, Quarterly Magazine to Members.

Ford Truck Enthusiasts

Ford Powerstroke Specific -

Ford truck World deals with all Ford trucks from the early pickups to current, gas or diesel. Great content and a huge membership list, a wealth of information for the truck restorer or everyday owner. Membership is free.

Diesel Page

GM Diesel Specific -

Diesel Page is a great site for GM diesel owners, covers 6.2L through to current Duramax. Content is good, well moderated and membership is free.

Super Duty Diesel

Ford Powerstroke Specific -

Super Duty Diesel is another fairly new site that has a great following, Ford diesel specific, good content and membership is free.

Diesel Place

GM Duramax Specific -

Diesel Place is the largest GM diesel specific site around, covers all model GM diesels with great content, if you own or plan to purchase a GM diesel you need to be on this site.

Ford Truck World

Ford Powerstroke Specific -

Ford Truck World is another huge forum dedicated to Ford Truck Owners gas or diesel, this site has a staggering amount of posts posted each day, more info than you could read in a year. Great content and membership is free.